Tips to Visit Krka National Park, Croatia

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Krka National Park is a well-known attraction in Croatia. The naturally colored pools provide an amazing backdrop for relaxing with friends or swimming in the crystal clear waters.

As I was planning my summer 2018 trip to Europe, which included running with bulls in Pamplona and lounging on beautiful beaches in Mykonos and exploring ancient Athens Acropolis, I discovered that The Yacht Week offered the opportunity to sail to the southern islands in Croatia.

I was inspired by photos of Plitvice Lakes, and Krka National Park. They were among the most peaceful natural wonders that I have ever seen. The pools were small and green, with hundreds of waterfalls.

It looked like something from Peter Pan’s Never Never Land. I thought to my self, “I have seen many beautiful places in my life, but this place is not real.” But Krka exists, and it is prettier than any photo can do it justice.

This is my experience in visiting Krka National Park, Croatia.

How to get to Krka National Park

I flew to Split, Croatia on my way to The Yacht Week. There, I was able to enjoy a few days sightseeing before setting sail. I explored the town in search of local tour operators. I discovered that Plitvice was only a 12-hour drive from Split.

However, Adriatic4You told me that Krka National Park was closer to my home so I decided to take a day trip to Krka National Park. This included a tour through Sibenik, which is pronounced Shih-beh-nick.

You can take a daily bus from Split Airport or Split Bus Station to Sibenik. The trip takes approximately 1 hour and 40 mins. From Sibenik you can take a bus to Skradin which is a small town located just outside the park.

If you are arriving from another part of Croatia, you will need to travel to Sibenik first and then to Skradin or Krka National Park.

Krka National Park

It was bright and early so I was happy to have Darijo as my guide. He filled us in on all the stops we passed, such as Trogir, and provided us with a wealth information about the history of Croatia, Dalmatia, and the region we were in, which lies on the eastern coast the Adriatic Sea.

We visited Sibenik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unique in that the cathedral combines Gothic and Renaissance art, it is truly unique. Sibenik was also the first city to get electric street lights, even before major cities such as London, Paris and Munich.

After a brief time in Sibenik we drove approximately 20km to Krka National Park. It was quite ordinary to arrive at the park, which looked just like any other reserve of nature. But once we started our hike, it became a lot more interesting.

Darijo led us through the park’s many trails, where we were able to learn about the wonder and magic of Plitvice and Krka. Plitvice may be more famous and more popular as a tourist destination, but there are very few differences between them other than their size.

These lakes, caves and waterfalls are amazing for their natural beauty. They are made from calcium carbonate or limestone. Travertine grows only about 1 cm per year.

It is easy to see how these beauties have grown for so long!

Darijo took the opportunity to show us the amazing Scradinski Buk Waterfall once we had reached a high vantage point. A footbridge connected the lake to the bottom of the waterfall, and it was visible from far below. It was one of my favorite sights.

I was eager to get in the impressive blue and green-colored water. After learning about over 860 species in flora, as well as many rare and endangered species of fauna, we finished our tour at Krka National Park.

There was plenty of time for us to explore more trails and take a dip at Scradinski Buk’s base. Before I could even think about my iPhone, I was down to my bikini and swimming around.

Other helpful tips

Krka National Park was, evidently, a delight. This natural wonder taught me some valuable lessons.

Do Your Research

Do your research about the best tour company and tour before you decide to do a day trip like I did. You can also contact local tour companies in Split if you are unable to travel.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

It doesn’t make a place more popular or less traveled. This trip was not a waste of time. I went to Plitvice instead of Krka. I would have been devastated to not have the opportunity to swim in Plitvice’s beautiful waters, and I would have spent more time and money to get there from Split.

Stuff Happens

Try to keep a positive attitude and look beyond the immediate. It’s not as important to look back than it is in hindsight – even if your electronics are lost or stolen.

Protect yourself

Phones and water don’t mix, yet again. Protect your phone. Protect your belongings with a LifeProof bag and a dry bag.

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