These are the Best Camping Essentials For Your Dog

Christie Turnbow
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I am not ashamed to say that I have a new boyfriend. Bailey the Cockapoo is a cute little guy. My little boy loves nothing more than exploring new places and getting his hands dirty.

Four-legged outdoorman, this four-legged outdoorsman loves camping trips. We’ve been going out to the country every chance we get. We’ve lived it up, from long afternoons at the beach to trips to the Cederberg Mountains.

Planning is key when you have a dog. After several camping trips, I realized that my dog needs his own set of camping gear. This is why I created a list of essential dog camping gear.

Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Oil

The paw protection wax can be very helpful at any time and anywhere. Although our dogs may seem to be in no pain, their tiny paws can still feel the pinch.

Our pets can be very frustrated and hurt by paw injuries. Even the most resilient pup can be affected by things like frostbite and burns. Winter can be dangerous for dogs due to salt and ice. Dogs can fall and slip just like humans, and salt can cause serious chemical burns.

Hot asphalt or sand can also burn delicate paws as badly as your bare feet.

Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection wax is a must if you plan to spend time outside. This can help your dog to avoid a lot of pain. It’s like giving your dog protective boots, but they won’t be afraid to walk. ).

Dog Sleeping Bag

You don’t want your dog trying to get into your sleeping bag to steal your heat, especially when you have limited space. You can keep your four-legged friend warm and cozy by adding a sleeping bag to the tent.

Bailey is a huge fan of Bailey’s DOG HELIOS Trail-Barker Multi-Surface Water Resistant Travel Camper.

Outdoor Dog Mat

A mat is another way to make your dog feel comfortable outdoors. A portable, inflatable outdoor mat is a great option to keep with you when you are away from home. A pop-up bed is my favorite.

These are great for camping with your dog, or simply lounging around outside. Camping can be messy, but it is possible to keep your dog off the ground.

Pet Water Bottle

I always have a water bottle with me, whether I’m camping or going for a walk. These water bottles are great for long walks, especially in hot conditions. These water bottles are leakproof, BPA-free and environmentally friendly so you can have one that you use for as long as you like.

Cooling vest

A cooling vest is a must if you live in a warm area. This is a lifesaver when camping in hot areas.

Dogs can quickly become dangerously hot, so be aware of your dog’s temperature in summer. This vest is reflective and UPF 50+. It also works well with a harness.

LED Dog Collar

An LED collar for dogs makes it easy to see your dog and make sure that you are visible to others. It’s so nice to be able take your four-legged friend camping without having to tie him up. This is a problem because dogs can easily get lost or sneak off.

Raised bowls

Camping can make it messy for your dog bowls. These raised dog bowls are great for camping. They keep dirt and bugs away from my pups’ food and water. They are also ideal for preventing accidental spills.

It’s amazing how often you can make a mess in a small space that you have made for your dog.

Dog Wipes

Another essential item for keeping things clean is dog wipes. Although Bailey will always come home dirty, I prefer to keep him comfortable clean. A quick wipe down is a great way to keep the campsite clean, especially if Bailey is playing in the dirt or swimming in a lake.

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