Ten Amazing Adventures You Can Have in South America

Christie Turnbow
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South America is vibrant, diverse and captivating. There is so much to do and see in South America, from the pristine waters of the Caribbean coast to the rugged Andes Mountains.

The World’s Most Dangerous Road

Attention, thrill-seekers! I have the perfect trip for you. Bolivia’s Death Road is a cycling trail that promises an incredible adventure. It was a terrifying experience for me, as I had to face my fear of heights.

The Iguazu Falls

The stunning Iguazu Falls can be found at the border of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. This massive network of waterfalls, which dwarfs Niagara Falls, is the world’s largest. This natural wonder is worth the effort.

The Ausangate Trek

Vinicunca (a.k.a. Peru’s Vinicle) is not to be missed. The popular and breathtaking trek to Ausangate, the holy mountain Ausangate of the Andres, is known as the Rainbow Mountain.

This important Peruvian mountain was a sacred place for worship since before the Inca period. Locals still make pilgrimages to this mountain to offer their offerings.

Galapagos diving

The Galapagos Islands, widely recognized as one the most beautiful dive sites in the world, are a must-see. The waters here are perfect for beginners or experienced divers.

You can explore the underwater world, meet a sea lion and then look up at the many other Galapagos animals.

Torres Del Paine National Park

The Torres del Paine National Park’s 9,462-foot granite columns are the main attraction. The Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia is an ideal spot for nature lovers, surrounded by sapphire lakes, emerald forests and other natural wonders.

This Chilean treasure is the perfect solution if you’re bored of city breaks.

Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

After a long trek on the Inca Trail, you will reach Machu Picchu. The beauty and wonder of Machu Picchu is unimaginable no matter how many photos you’ve seen.

Visit Angel Falls

Angel Falls, at an impressive 3212 feet high, is located in Canaima National Park. The perfect excuse to visit Venezuela is to visit the falls.

You can hike the stunning Tepuys Mountains, along with the rivers, lakes and forests, until you reach Angel Falls.

Easter Island

Easter Island, home to the famous Moai statues is absolutely captivating. This Polynesian island, technically part of Chile is an ideal spot to eco-travel.

Rent a bike, or horseback ride and enjoy the archeological sites of one of the most remote islands on the planet.

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands has king penguins as well as gentoo penguins and rockhopper penguins. The Falkland Islands is home to more than half a billion penguin families.

Get ready to take endless selfies!

Uyuni Salt Flats

Did you know that Bolivia is home to the largest salt flats in the world? This 6,800-square-mile salt-flat in Uyuni, Bolivia, is home to an extraordinary ecosystem and numerous pink flamingos.

You can start at La Ruta de Las Laguna and follow the high-altitude sandy road to a beautiful landscape you must see.

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