Morocco’s Sahara Desert Glamping Guide

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Did you know that the Sahara Desert covers almost the same area as the entire United States of America? This vast landscape is full of natural treasures and has been a source of fascination for me for a long time.

My latest Moroccan adventure was a chance to see the incredible desert. Jessica, my friend, and I decided to travel to Marrakech to spend a few nights in a luxurious Sahara desert camp. It was an unforgettable experience. It is not an easy journey.

For a luxury glamping experience of three nights, we booked with Desert Luxury Camp, a private camp. Two nights were spent in the luxury tents, and one night at Skoura Oasis.

If you are planning on traveling to northern Africa, it is a good idea to get out of the city for at least one night in order to view the amazing, natural landscapes.

How to get to the Sahara Desert

I discovered that there are many day trips and getaways to the desert from major cities such as Marrakech. However, many of these don’t go all the way to Sahara because of travel time.

But I was determined to get there!

Our journey began at 7:30 AM from Marrakech with our private driver, whom we had booked through Desert Camp. We were met by our driver in a 4WD vehicle and began our journey through the Atlas Mountains. Six hours of breathtaking views, mountains, valleys, winding streets, and twisting roads.

We stopped at 1:45 to stretch our legs, and to grab something to eat. After our driver took us to a delicious little spot, we continued for 3 hours until reaching the desert. It was about an hour away from town, and then it was a 4WD trip through the sand.

We finally made it to the camp at sunset. Although it wasn’t the most pleasant day of travel, we were still so excited when we finally reached our destination.

I can’t even describe it!

A helpful tip: Always bring plenty of water, toilet paper, medication, snacks and medication in case you become sick.

What to Expect in a Sahara Desert Camp

You can choose from a variety of Sahara Desert tours, including day trips, camping, and extra nights. These tours are often combined with city tours. There are many options, so we chose Desert Luxury Camp.

It was an amazing experience to camp in the Sahara Desert. The team was extremely friendly and helpful which is essential for having a great experience in any environment. It was delicious. I’m eager to see the Berber restaurant trend. It was so easy to eat, and it never felt like I was flogging it.

You won’t feel like your camping in the Sahara, but instead “glamping”.

Our four-day Sahara Desert adventure included hiking dunes to see the sunrise, riding camels, and sandboarding. Ksar of Ait Benhouddou and Skoura Oasis were visited, as well as Todra Gorge, where we checked out the water and grabbed a bite.

Itinerary for 4 Days in the Sahara Desert


Our first day in Morocco was a travel day. We left Marrakech at 7:15 am, and traveled by private car for approximately 11 hours to reach the Desert Luxury Camp. Just in time to enjoy a stunning sunset and delicious dinner.


We woke up early to go on a hike with our guide. We climbed the highest dunes in the area, and then watched the sun set over the vast desert. It was magical!

After taking in the views, snapping photos and talking with our guide, we returned to camp. We spent approximately an hour enjoying the scenery before returning to camp. After enjoying a delicious breakfast, we decided to take a camel ride.

Jessica and I spent about an hour riding, then we spent the rest the day at camp. It was great to just relax and not be connected to cell phones. We tried our hand at sandboarding before the sun set. Let’s just say that I wasn’t the most graceful.

Evening at camp was unforgettable. Live Berber music, delicious dinner, and the most stars that I have ever seen made it memorable. For our second night, we fell asleep in the luxury tents.


Day three was our final day at camp. We left the camp around 8 a.m. with our driver. We drove towards Skoura Oasis instead of returning to Marrakech.

After lunch, we headed to the Todra Gorge to find running water. We were then dropped off at the Skoura Oasis hotel, which is surrounded by hundreds of palm trees.

Skoura has many hotels that you can choose from. We chose L’Ma Lodge for our beautiful stay and we both loved it.


Unfortunately, this was our last morning in the desert. Essaouira was our next stop. Our driver met us at L’Ma Lodge around 8 am, and we began our journey. We stopped at the Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou to take a quick tour and were accompanied by a local guide who was very informative.

These are some helpful tips for traveling to the Sahara Desert

  • You should bring water, toilet paper, medication and snacks. It’s an exclusive experience. However, you will still be in the desert so it is not easy to just walk down to the nearest corner store to buy something. Toilet paper is not the norm in Morocco. Many bathrooms offer bidets that use water rather than paper.
  • Wear the appropriate clothes Be prepared to hike and ride camels.
  • Prepare for cold nights. Skoura’s temperatures can fluctuate by up to 100 degrees throughout the year. It is a good idea to check the weather forecast before you leave. Temperatures can vary from 70 to 110 degrees in the summer. The winter temperatures can range from forty to seventy degrees. No matter what the weather is like, night temperatures will drop dramatically.
  • Sunscreen and a hat are important for desert conditions. Comfortable closed-toe shoes are essential for exploring the desert, as well as flip-flops to run around in the campgrounds. Wipes are great for long trips.
  • Cash is a must. Cash is handy for tipping. You should always have at least one Moroccan dirham in your wallet when you go out. Cash is the king of this country.

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