How much to budget for an African Safari

Christie Turnbow
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A safari to Africa is a memorable experience. Since childhood, I had always wanted to explore the African bush. I fell in love with safaris after moving to Cape Town.

I have spoken to you about choosing the right safari for you. Not all safaris are equal! One of my most common questions is:

It is expensive to go on safari. There are cheaper safaris, but it is important to research. You get what you pay when it comes to African safaris.

You should also consider all of the other costs associated with safaris: accommodation, meals, conservation fees, game drives, ranger, guides, meals and lodging. It is very expensive to maintain a wildlife reserve (and it is a worthy cause to support), as well as other costly logistics.

What a Safari Has to Offer

I have been to many of the most popular safari destinations in Africa and would recommend spending $1,000 per night.

Although the initial price tag might seem high, it would still cover all expenses for your property, including game drives, rangers, meals and alcohol.

All-inclusive resorts are a bad idea for certain types of trips but not for safaris in Africa. You can’t do much on safari, and even if everything was ordered a la carte, it will still cost you the same.

It’s cheaper and more efficient to go all-inclusive, as I have found repeatedly.

Two nights is the ideal length of stay, and will usually include four game drives. You can settle in and go on your first game driving in the evening if you arrive at lunchtime on day 1. You will have plenty of time to do two more game drives on your second day. Then, you can go on your final one in the morning.

Companies that are less expensive

There are some companies that offer all-inclusive stays for as low as $1,000 per night. This is something I find alarming. It is vital to support wildlife conservation efforts. Budget companies often only care about making a quick buck.

This can be detrimental to the local ecosystem.

1000% of my belief is in supporting places that care about the environment and make efforts to protect it. I was impressed by every aspect of my stay at Wolwedans Boulders Safari Camp, Namibia, and Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp, Kenya. They were committed to eco-friendly practices throughout the property and used sustainable vehicles.

I advise you to choose a safari if you care about the planet and are committed to protecting it.

Are you ready to find the perfect safari destination? These are the top factors to consider when selecting a safari lodge.

Different levels of properties

You can choose to go on safaris in national parks or on private game reserves. Both have their pros and cons, it all depends on the type of experience you are looking for and your priorities.

There are many options for accommodation, from tent accommodations to extreme luxury. You can choose which one suits your taste.

Boutique accommodation in natural settings is what I love. I will take an open-air treehouse any time of the week. It all depends on your mood.

Before you make a booking, I recommend that you read reviews written by myself or other travelers who have experienced the safari firsthand. Before you pay your hard-earned money, see what they liked and what disappointed them.

A safari trip is something that most people will only experience once in their lives. Make sure you have the exact experience you want.

Not all safaris are the same. It’s hard to imagine the variety of safaris available if you have never been on one.

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