Guide to Victoria Falls Visiting from Zimbabwe and Zambia

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Victoria Falls has been a dream destination for me for many years. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and the largest waterfall on the globe. I was blown away by its beauty!

We stayed at Tongabezi Lodge in early 2017 and organised a visit to the lodge to view the falls from both ends. It was incredible! Are you ready to fall in love?

How to get to Victoria Falls

You can view Victoria Falls from both Zimbabwe or Zambia at once! You can start your day in one country, then move on to the other.

From Zimbabwe: Fly from Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB) to Victoria Falls (VFA), the fastest and most popular way to reach Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It takes approximately two hours to fly.

Livingstone Town is the main entry point into Zambia for the falls. Fly from Zambia’s capital, Lusaka or Johannesburg to Livingstone Airport. Also known as Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport(LVI), It’s only six miles from the park once you arrive in Livingstone.

Taxis are not available all year, so plan ahead.

Visa requirements to visit Victoria Falls

Currently, US citizens are able to get visas at the airport in Zimbabwe and Zambia. You’ll need to buy the KAZA UniVisa Visa, which allows you cross both borders and travel between the two sides of the falls. This visa will save you money and you won’t need to wait in line to cross to the other side.

The KAZA UniVisa is $50 USD and allows you to cross the border as many as you wish, provided you remain within Zambia or Zimbabwe.

Visa requirements and prices can vary for different nationalities. They are also subject to change so make sure you do your research. To confirm your requirements, you can visit the Zimbabwean and Zambia travel websites.

If you are unable to obtain the KAZA UniVisa upon arrival, you will find immigration offices near the falls. These offices can help you purchase a visa to another country.

I recommend taking a taxi if you have luggage. Otherwise, you can walk.

Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe

There are several ways to view the falls from Zimbabwe if you fly into or stay in Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls is a popular tourist spot and is located just over a mile from entry to the park. The area is more than just a photo opportunity! There are many options for activities such as white-water rafting and hiking. You can also see the wildlife in the area.

It is important to allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy the sights. There are incredible views from Zimbabwe’s three-quarters of Victoria Falls.

The Devils Pool is a stunning spot that offers breathtaking views. Here, you can relax at the edge of the universe.

After you have seen the sights of Zimbabwe, you can make your way over to the Victoria Falls bridge and cross into Zambia. Make sure that you have cleared customs on Zimbabwe’s side. Keep your stamped ticket to get back into Zimbabwe once you are done.

Victoria Falls from Zambia

These are some tips for seeing the falls from Zambia if you’re flying to and staying in Zambia.

I loved Tongabezi Lodge on the Zambian side. It was also one of the most incredible things I have done.

You must visit the Knife Edge bridge on the Zambian side to see the magnificent view of Victoria Falls. But don’t forget your raincoat! Livingstone Island is connected to the Knife Edge bridge. This beautiful island is located in the heart the Zambezi River and leads to the 335-foot thundering water of the falls.

After you have seen the falls from Zambia, you can cross the Victoria Falls Bridge and walk into Zimbabwe with your visa.

It is a must-see!

What to Take to Victoria Falls

Think light when packing. Your luggage space will be limited if you’re traveling on small planes, or going on safari just before or after the falls. Hard-sided bags are not permitted, so even a carry-on bag may be too big. Before you leave, make sure to read the restrictions.

Focus on the essentials when packing. These are the essential items you should have before you leave.

Layers: Victoria Falls is generally very warm. Winter here lasts from May through September. The average temperature is in the sixties. You can expect temperatures of eighty degrees in the afternoons during summer. You’ll need layers to protect yourself from the weather changes. Temperatures can vary by up to twenty degrees in one day.

Sun Protection: These rays can be very intense! Sunscreens with UVA or UVB protection are essential. A large hat can be handy for your neck or face.

Comfortable Shoes: Victoria Falls is a great place to walk around in. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk a lot.

Waterproof jacket: There are no surprises! Waterproof gear is essential for Victoria Falls. You could get really soaked. It takes ages for jeans to dry, so I advise against wearing them.

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