Best Fall Hikes in America

Christie Turnbow
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The US autumn is like no other. The colors, crisp breeze, and pumpkin-flavored-everything make it a great time to travel around the country and take in the beauty. To truly experience autumn in America, pack your car and head to these amazing hiking destinations this fall 2019.

Acadia, Maine Parkman Mountain Trail

Because it’s a short and easy hike, this hike is suitable for all levels of hiking. It is easy, but the views are as beautiful as any hard hike. As you climb to the summit, you will see the beautiful changing colors in the autumn. This hike is easy and you can explore Acadia National Park for more autumn views.

Breckenridge, ColoradoMcCullough Trail

Colorado is a great place to hike. We recommend that you take a few days to adjust if your aren’t from the area before starting to hike. Once you are ready, go to Breckenridge to hike the McCullough Gulch Trail. The hike is difficult and can be busy, so make sure you get there early. After climbing 1,578 feet, the early wake-up call will be well worth it.

Denali, Alaska Denali National Park

Denali National Park is the ideal escape for anyone who wants to be in nature alone. Although there are a few trails in Denali National Park, it encourages people to go off the beaten path. If you are a trailblazer, then pack warm hiking clothes and make your way to Denali. The park’s vivid colors make fall a beautiful season to visit.

Asheville, North Carolina Graveyard Fields

It is impossible to miss autumn in Asheville. Blue Ridge Parkway is a stunning drive in autumn and a wonderful destination for hikers. Graveyard Fields is one of the most popular hikes to enjoy beautiful autumn colors. This hike is full of colorful leaves and includes a few waterfalls.

Hocking County, Ohio Ash Cave

The state park offers many trails for hiking and hocking. It is best known for the Ash Cave hike, which takes you to a huge cave. The journey to the cave is breathtaking, and the destination is amazing. You’ll see many trees changing their colors and shedding their leaves as you hike.

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